About Gary Fieldman

Gary Fieldman - Real Estate Agent in Zichron Ya'akov

Gary Fieldman opened his real estate agency in May 2021. Based in Zichron Yaakov, Israel, Gary Fieldman’s real estate agency represents sellers and buyers of properties in Zichron Yaakov and the surrounding area.

Gary Fieldman is the sole owner of his agency, and he serves various clients from Israel but also has expertise in serving foreign clients from various countries. He fully controls three different languages and can provide service in Hebrew, English and French.

Gary Fieldman

What is the most popular service the agency offers to its clients?

Above all, Gary Fieldman’s agency offers its clients personal service and Gary’s professional knowledge. Any client will receive the agency’s full attention and care until their needs are fulfilled. Moreover, Gary Fieldman is committed to providing professional and high-quality service with an open dialogue with the client. In this way, the client can benefit from Gary’s professional knowledge and extensive experience in finding a seller or buyer for the property.

What was the most unusual request a client asked for?

Gary Fieldman’s real estate agency is open to any client request. As an example, a client once requested to buy a house entirely through a video chat conversation in Zoom. All dealings with him and the presentation of the house were via video. Finally, the customer bought the house, and the whole process was done through Zoom. Therefore, Gary’s agency is open to all sorts of communication with its clients accommodated to their demands and needs.

For what kind of customers does the agency work?

First and foremost, Gary Fieldman’s real estate agency serves private customers who wish to buy or sell their real estate property in the Zichron Yaakov area. Moreover, the agency has solid experience in serving big customers, such as the largest contractors in the Israeli real estate market, thus having experience in all sorts of real estate projects and transactions.

What can we guarantee clients who work with us?

Above all, Gary Fieldman’s real estate agency promises each of its customers a personal service. Gary Fieldman personally accompanies every real estate project in which he takes part, from beginning to end, thus ensuring that the client always has someone to turn to in every aspect of the process. With Gary Fieldman, you are guaranteed fast and professional service, knowing that time is not wasted throughout the process.

Do you wish to learn more about Gary Fieldman’s experience and expertise in the real estate market of Zichron Yaakov and its surroundings? Whether you are a buyer, a seller, or just interested in what Gary offers, do not hesitate to contact him today to learn more.