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Zichron Yaakov real estate

Zichron Yaakov is a rapidly growing city with more and more new real estate projects approved daily. That is because so many new neighborhoods are being built at the moment, and it seems like the real estate market in Zichron Yaakov has never been more attractive. Positive migration of financially strong families is documented, and many more are interested in buying a new house or land in Zichron Yaakov and its surroundings.

For your convenience, Gary Fieldman wrote a list of all the new and exciting real estate projects now taking place in Zichron Yaakov. Gary Fieldman is a real estate agent with expertise in the real estate market of Zichron Yaakov. Contact Gary Fieldman today to find out more about the exciting possibilities Zichron Yaakov has to offer to new residents.

The Baron’s Estate

The strategic location of the boutique project “The Baron’s Estate” provides a luxurious, quiet and pastoral living experience, combining all the advantages that the city and the settlement have to offer.

The project includes an array of leading community and cultural centers, a regional country club (within a 5-minute walk), the Zichron Yaakov Promenade, the Hyain Road, Ramat Hanadiv Park, schools, kindergartens, shopping centres, synagogues, and all without compromising easy and exceptional access to the train station in Binyamina (6 minutes by car) and the system of the city’s central traffic axes and a connection to intercity roads, including Route no. 6.

The Village Project

The venture is a new commercial real estate project that will be an independent complex for entertainment, lifestyle and shopping and will provide an international, magical and up-to-date content experience throughout most of the hours of the day and every day of the week.

The complex was built inspired by the shopping and entertainment complexes in the USA and Europe, with an exact adaptation to local needs. The project simulates street commerce with spectacular aesthetic visibility and a rich environmental development with a very high level of finish. The new center will be a magnet for the residents of the area as well as for visitors and domestic tourism, which is very active in the area.

Wine Park

Between Hanadiv Park and Alona Park, in the perfect location in front of a breathtaking view, the “Wine Park” will be built – an extraordinary tourist complex that will include residences, recreation, art and wine culture.

The complex, which will be a sought-after tourist destination and an international attraction, will contain a large cottage complex, industrial and boutique wineries, vineyards, visitor centers, recreation and leisure areas, and a 75 dunam public garden.

The entire complex will consist of a high-quality community comprised of a mature, cultured and unique population.

Are you interested in learning more about the new real estate projects taking place in Zichron Yaakov? Then, do not hesitate and contact Gary Fieldman today for any further information. Gary Fieldman is a real estate agent who has all the updated information about real estate in Zichron Yaakov.