What to emphasise when looking for a real estate agent?
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What to emphasise when looking for a real estate agent?

The decision to sell or buy a property is difficult and often requires a lot of energy. Therefore, in any decision of a similar magnitude, and even in much less significant choices, we will usually consult professionals who are experts in the field.

But, specifically in the real estate field, which is supposed to handle the most significant transactions, most consumers tend to try and complete the transaction on their own without assistance. It is certainly possible that this attitude stems from a negative reputation of the brokerage world in Israel and the desire to save on brokerage fees.

A professional real estate agent can be essential in promoting a real estate transaction and achieving the best result for the client. So, what to look for when you search for a real estate agent?

High expertise in the work area

A professional real estate agent knows his work area and can list without difficulty all the services and benefits offered in the place he is active in, such as transportation, education, health, and more. For example, Gary Fieldman is an excellent real estate agent that masters at homes for rent at Zichron Yaakov area, with vast knowledge of living and buying a property there.

Comprehensive knowledge of pricing

Every process of selling or buying a property leads to the issue of price. Unfortunately, market prices in the real estate field are incredibly dynamic, sensitive to the supply and demand curve, and greatly influenced by consumer psychology, rumors, government actions, etc. Furthermore, mistakes in pricing can cause damage to the sales process and lead to bad decision-making among sellers and buyers.

A professional real estate agent will perform a comparative market analysis for you based on closing prices of properties in the area, marketing prices of current properties, and many other data. Based on this data, the agent will recommend the optimal marketing price.

An organised and written marketing plan

A professional agent will present you with a marketing plan for maximum exposure of your property and sign a form known as M.A.P. (marketing plan). In this form, the agent undertakes to carry out all the marketing activities that you have agreed to.


It is essential to ensure that the agent cooperates with other real estate agents to sell your property. Cooperation between brokers expands the property’s exposure and increases the chances of a sale.

Full customer care

A professional agent is a full-service unit that assists the buyer in all transaction needs. The agent will comprehensively clarify requirements with the buyer, match relevant properties, link to a mortgage consultant, recommend a lawyer when necessary, and more.

Do you wish to learn more about what a professional real estate agent has to offer? Contact Gary Fieldman today – an expert real estate agent in the Zichron Yaakov area, and start working on a plan to buy or sell your property. Gary Fieldman will handle your project with care while providing you with all the needed information.


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