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Article by Gary Fieldman about Places in Zichron Yaakov that should not be missed

Zichron Yaakov, perhaps the most famous of the colonies of the well-known philanthropist Baron Edmond de Rothschild, has become one of Israel’s favourite tourist cities today.In the last 20 years, Zichron Yaakov was rediscovered by the public, and today it enjoys a positive migration of young, urban families with high socio-economic characteristics.

A tour along Zichron Yaakov will bring you together with the city’s historical storiesand nature alongside attractions, galleries and restaurants in a magical atmosphere.

Gary Fieldman is an expert for all there is to know about Zichron Yaakov. Contact him for recommendations on things you should not miss while staying in Zichron. Here’s a list of must-see attractions in Zichron from Gary Fieldman:

Ramat Ha’Nadiv

At the head of the Carmel mountain, between Zichron Yaakov and Binyamina, lies Ramat Ha’Nadiv – a nature park spanning 4,500 dunams used to commemorate Baron Benjamin Edmond de Rothschild, who is buried with his wife in a grave plot at the heart of the gardens.

This contrasting appearance of a blooming island, designed and meticulously set in the expanses of wild nature, is one of the charms of Zichron Yaakov.

Somek Estate Winery

At Sumek Winery, uncompromising works on the vineyards allow the grapes to reach high qualities and are expressed in every wine, which preserves the nature and terroir characteristic of the Kiryat Ha’Nadiv area.

The vineyards are located in the Bikat Ha’Nadiv at the foot of Zichron Yaakov. Its plots have been cultivated with care by the owner’s family since 1882. So don’t miss out on this memorable experience of wine and delicious food.

Beit Aharonson – Nili Museum

The Aharnson House was established in Zichron Yaakov in 1956, next to the Aharonson family house, from which most of Nili’s underground activity was operated.

The museum documents and preserves the legacy of the Aharonson family members and members of the Nili underground. It recounts their bravery and courage and commemorates their contribution to the end of Turkish rule and the British entry into Israel. The museum thus offers its visitors a cultural and historical experience.

Beit Ha’Totchan

The memorial site is on a hill overlooking the sea, near the Artillery House, which serves as a central meeting and commemoration place for all soldiers and veterans of the Artillery Corps. Near the square’s eastern side is a memorial to the fallen soldiers of Zichron Yaakov.

In the centre of a stone-paved square carved from the rocks of Jerusalem, six rough concrete slabs were cast, shaped like cannon barrels, a kind of rampart whose cannon barrels point upwards in two directions. It is a breathtaking experience for any visitor.

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