Information for tourists in Zichron Yaakov

Information for tourists in Zichron Yaakov

As tourists coming for one day or maybe a week, there are many things to settle before coming to Zichron Yaakov. For your convenience, Gary Fieldman has made a list of all there is to know while planning your vacation in Zichron Yaakov.

Gary Fieldman is a local real estate agent and an expert on Zichron Yaakov real estate and its surroundings, with extensive information about all the settlement has to offer its visitors. Contact Gary Fieldman today for more information about planning your vacation in Zichron Yaakov.

A day trip to Zamarin Hill

A good vacation in Zichron Yaakov must begin with a day trip to Zamarin Hill, where the first settlers of 1882 initiated the Zichron Yaakov settlement. Back then, life was hard around Zamarin Hill. But today, visitors are expected to enjoy a unique atmosphere over there.

On the hill, between flowering bougainvillaea bushes and huge mulberry trees, a reminder of the silk industry that Baron Rothschild dreamed of establishing here, are scattered the houses of the first settlers. These are charming stone houses, carefully renovated by the current tenants. The hill has a beautiful view of woods, fields and vineyards, small towns, and, on the horizon, the sea.

Zamarin Hotel – a boutique hotel in Zichron Yaakov

The Zamarin Hotel is in a charming Templar stone building with a beautiful garden where spice plants, vines and fruit trees, including a huge mulberry tree, one of those trees that were planted during the Baron’s times. The tree branches frame the hotel windows and shade a pleasant patio with several tables and chairs, a perfect place to sit with a glass of local wine.

Secrets from the past: a trip in the footsteps of the founders

You can wander through memory independently and discover magical corners on your own, and you can also go on a guided tour with someone who knows the intriguing stories. For example, a tour following the Nili underground with a tour guide. During the tour, you will discover many fascinating details about the spy network that operated in the settlement and the members of the Aaronson family.

Natural springs

The area between the Carmel and Menashe Mountains is abundant with water sources, which makes the trip very pleasant on a hot summer day. Suppose you have an SUV and you know the area well. In that case, you can drive on dirt roads, between vineyards and orchards, and reach hidden coves along Nahal Taninim (including a small but abundant waterfall that is hidden in the thicket of vegetation) and springs in the Moshavi Alona area. Ein Amikam and Ein Nili are two of these springs, and it’s great fun to wade your feet in cool water or catch peace in the shade of the trees.

Wish to know more about the whole tourist experience in Zichron Yaakov? Then, Gary Fieldman will tell you all there is to know. Contact him today for more information about your Zichron Yaakov vacation.


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