Best things to do in Zichron Yaakov

Best things to do in Zichron Yaakov

The famous quote about the Holy City of Jerusalem, “its mountain air is clear as wine,” can very well describe the atmosphere of Zichron Yaakov and its surroundings. If you happen to be in Zichron Yaakov, there are just several things you must not miss over there.

Gary Fieldman has constructed a list of things you must do in Zichron Yaakov. Gary Fieldman is what you would call a “Zichron Yaakov expert,” with extensive information about the settlement and the area. Don’t hesitate to contact Gary Fieldman today to learn more about what to do and see in Zichron Yaakov. Here are some things you have to do in Zichron Yaakov.

Ramat Hanadiv, the Baron Rothschild Gardens

In Ramat Hanadiv, you will find large and well-kept gardens, spectacular views of Carmel Beach, Baron Rothschild’s tomb estate and many other magical corners. Inside the Baron Gardens, there are several tracks. Some ways are suitable for strollers and the disabled, and some are not.

Wine tasting at Sumak Winery

Sumek Winery was established in 2002 by the fifth generation of winegrowers in Zichron Yaakov and is considered one of the best wineries in the region. It is highly recommended to arrange a place in advance, especially if you arrive at the weekend because then there is a slim chance that you will have a spot.

You can order different wine tastings at the winery, for example, four types of wine, two white and two red, for 50 NIS. You can also coordinate a wine workshop with instructions, tasting and refreshments for 120 NIS per person on Fridays and Saturdays.

A classic Italian meal at Manuela restaurant

The Manuela restaurant is located near the main pedestrian street of Zichron and within walking distance of Sumek Winery.

The dishes at Manuela were created by chef Nadav Sharaz who drew his inspiration from classic Italy and added his personal touch to each plate.

Lovers of Italian food will find themselves savouring every dish. Although, because this is a remarkably successful restaurant, it is advisable and even mandatory to make a reservation in advance, it is recommended to order on the terrace outside.

Watching the sunset at the Arches Beach (Hof Hakshatot)

Although everything is within walking distance in central Zichron, watching the sunset at Arches Beach in Caesarea is recommended. The short drive is about twenty minutes. Nothing is more romantic than watching a sunset on the beach, so this can be a great addition to your experience in Zichron.

Location: write in Waze “Hof Hakshatot”; after parking in the parking lot, you will not be able to miss the grand arches on your right.

There are many more sights to discover in Zichron Yaakov. If you need any more information on the settlement and its surroundings, don’t hesitate and contact Gary Fieldman today. Gary Fieldman is a real estate expert who knows all there is to know about life and vacation in the Zichron Yaakov area.


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