Where should I live in Zichron Yaakov?

Where should I live in Zichron Yaakov?

Zichron Yaakov is an old city. In fact, its one of the oldest cities in Israel, dating back to the late nineteenth century. Still, in recent years, Zichron is experiencing a significant renewal, including new and highly desirable residential areas.

Gary Fieldman, a real estate expert about all there is to know about living in the Zichron Yaakov area, has gathered a list of the most desirable neighbourhoods Zichron Yaakov has to offer for new residents. Contact Gary Fieldman today for further information on any of these locations.

Halomot Zichron Yaakov

Halomot Zichron Yaakov is one of the newest neighbourhoods in the city. It includes about 800 housing units in a terraced, rural residential structure. The complex has two-family and three-family buildings, loft apartments, duplexes, garden apartments, and spacious 4-5 room apartments.

In the heart of the neighbourhood, a spacious park has been opened. In addition, community centres, a neighbourhood commercial centre, a sports centre, a unique skate park complex and a synagogue were designed and built. These are designed to provide the neighbourhood residents with a complete set that meets their needs for recreation and leisure.

Givat Eden

The neighbourhood was built in the 1990s. The construction includes primarily detached houses, such as villas and cottages of various kinds, and partly two-story condominiums sold as garden and first-floor units on lots of about 500 square meters.

Shikun Zfoni and Nave Shalev

These are two originally old neighbourhoods which today offer a minimal number of lots with old houses. The prices are 5% – 10% higher than Givat Eden because of the proximity to the centre of Zichron.


Ha’Moshava, or Mercaz Zichron, is the most diverse area in Zichron. It contains mostly detached buildings of various types and ages, along with a small number of condominiums. The commercial area of ​​Zichron is also included in this area. The neighbourhood’s fabric has several old houses and unusual properties. The area close to the western cliff is highly sought after due to the open view of the sea.

Neve Yaakov

Continuation of Ha’Moshava neighbourhood to the south, same construction, this area has less demand due to the location of the old cemetery in the heart of the area, including a lower socio-economic background.

Neve Ha’Baron

The neighbourhood was built in the 1980s. It is homogeneous and composed of land parcels of various kinds (mainly two-family houses); the population consists of housing developers from Haifa and its surroundings and religious and Anglo-Saxon populations.

Neve Remez

An old neighbourhood characterised by attached land on plots of about 250 square meters, the population is a combination of Olim from the 1960s and 1970s with the addition of housing improvers who were unable to purchase property in the more sought-after areas of Zichron.

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