Gary Fieldman explains what is new in Zichron Yaakov?

What is new in Zichron Yaakov? Explanation by Gary Fieldman

Zichron Yaakov is a constantly changing city with vivid culture and multiple events open to the public throughout the year. In this article, Gary Fieldman has constructed a list of the cultural events you should wait for in the coming days in Zichron Yaakov. Gary Fieldman is a real estate agent with expertise in Zichron Yaakov homes for sale and its surroundings. Contact him today to learn more about living in Zichron Yaakov or for any further information on what the city has to offer to its residents and visitors.

1341 frames from Micah Bar-Am’s camera

Wednesday, 14.12, 20:00, The First Ascension Museum, 2 Hanadiv St. Zichron Yaakov

That is a film about photography and a war photographer: but no less than a film about the scars that history leaves on its victims and documenters.

Micha Bar-Am, one of Israel’s leading photographers, devoted fifty years of photography to documenting the Israeli project. Today, when he is over ninety years old, he looks back on his life and the images he collected and tries to understand what and for whom all this is.

For a year and a half, Bar-Am allowed director Ran Tal (Children of the Sun, Heaven, The Museum) free access to his vast photo archive located in the basement of his house. Tal selected 1341 frames, from which he assembled the film.

Points of Light – The Israeli Theater of the Hour

Wednesday, 14.12, at 5:30 p.m., at Beit Nir Schreibman

A play for ages 8-12

The play is inspired by the life story of Louis Braille, a curious and intelligent boy who changed the lives of millions of blind people worldwide.

His passion for reading books pushed him to invent the famous Braille script. With the help of his friends and his father, who believed in him and a general in the French army who trusted him and led him to find the creative solution, together with Louis, we experience a fascinating journey of hope and exit from darkness to light.

“Put oil on it” with Sarah Bar-Asher, naturopath and journalist of food.

Thursday 15.12.22 between the hours 10.30 – 12.00, Zamarin Center

Visitors will learn to choose a nutritious and harmless oil anddiscover the oil sprays’ components. Furthermore, they will learn how to choose natural olive oil and identify healthy olives.

During the lecture, healthy recipes will be distributed. In addition, a presentation accompanies the class.

Community candle lighting

Monday, 12/19, at the Zamarin Center, 5 Shira St., Zichron Yaakov

16:30 – Craft workshop, refreshments and hugs

17:15 – Candle lighting and local performances in honour of Hanukkah

All public and residents of Zichron Yaakov are invited to celebrate Hanukkah together at Zamarin Center with food, drinks, music and activities.


The representative orchestra conducted by David Davidov

Zichron Yaakov Young Dance Troupes Artistic Management Dafna Gazit

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